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If you have questions about the membership application process, membership categories, or qualifications/requirements for membership, please contact Dr. Kristi Lewton, AAPA Membership Chair at:kristilewton@gmail.com. For all other questions go to the AAPA Website.

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(NOTE: Qualifying Country Membership Rate of $40.00 for regular and special membership and $20.00 for student membership is available to residents of Qualifying countries. Fees will be calculated automatically and displayed on page 2 of this form)
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*All student members MUST fill in the following fields regarding their membership reference. The reference should be an academic reference such as a professor in your department. The AAPA Membership Chair will contact the reference to confirm that you are a student in good standing.
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Provide the following information to help us evaluate your application, including as much relevant information as possible. ALL applicants for membership are reviewed by the AAPA Membership Chair and then voted on for membership at the business meeting held during the annual conference.
*Current Employment
(for student applicants, please note whether you are currently an undergraduate student or a graduate student)
(please provide information on degree, department/program, and date of degree(s))
Other Relevant Academic Information
(e.g., key publications or any other relevant information not included above that will help us evaluate your qualifications for membership)

*Membership FEES: (Select Appropriate Category)
Regular Membership US$ 130
Regular Member - Contingent/Postdoc Rate US$ 105
Student Member-1st year
(Open to qualified graduate and undergradate students for a maximum of 10 years)
US$ 65
Special Membership
(Open to persons with a professional interest in physical anthropology currently not desiring or accepted for regular membership)
US$ 130
Special Member - Contingent Rate US$ 105
Add Print Version of Journal
      Includes all published issues including the Yearbook and Meeting Supplement.
US$ 190
Print Journal Supplement 2019: Yearbook of Physical Anthropology US$ 15
Print Journal 2019 Meeting Supplement US$ 15
Centennial Anniversary Special Issue of AJPA 2018 (Volume 165: Issue 4) US$ 19
Regular Membership Qualifying Country US$ 40
Special Membership Qualifying Country US$ 40
Student Member-1st year Qualifying Country US$ 20
Donation to the AAPA

Help support AAPA programs with your tax deductible donation to the AAPA general fund. The AAPA provides programming, travel and research awards, support services, professional development and outreach programs. You may recommend programs that you would like to see developed further. Your donation to the general fund will help support the association's mission.

Donation Amount: US$

I would like to recommend support of the following program(s):
Diversity Programs
Childcare and Family Programs
Workshops and Professional Development
Travel Support

AAPA Demographic Survey

The AAPA is committed to raising the public profile of biological anthropology in all communities, to encouraging future membership, and to serving the needs of current members. The following, voluntary survey aims to help the AAPA to assess trends in the employment and background demographics of our membership through time in order to identify areas for additional programming and to provide background for programming and grant getting. Data will be used only in aggregate form as baseline data for program assessment and/or as a snapshot of current demographics. You may participate in any part or all of this survey. Training and employment demographical data are mandatory for all members except student members.

Training and Employment Demographics

Specialty 1
If other, specify:

Specialty 2
If other, specify:

Specialty 3
If other, specify:

Highest Degree Attained (Mandatory except students without degree)
If other, specify:

Year Attained
Discipline of Highest Degree
If other, specify:

Country in which Highest Degree was Earned
Current Employment: Employer
If other, specify:

Country in which you currently work
Current Primary Position
If other, specify:

Permanent, non-tenure track position holders ONLY.
Is your primary position as ...
If other, specify:

Permanent, non-tenure track position holders ONLY
How is your position funded?
Tenure-stream position holders ONLY
Please indicate your current rank.

Personal Demographics

Country of Citizenship
U.S. Citizens, how do you
identify your Ancestry/Ethnicity
(you may choose more than one)
 Latino-American (Hispanic)
 Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
If other, specify:

I identify as a person with a disability
I identify my gender as
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If other gender, please specify:
I am the first
(you may choose more than one):
 Generation in my family to attend/finish college/university
 Generation in my family to attend/finish graduate school

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Please Note: AAPA membership is not refundable.

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