World Congress on Risk 2015
19-23 July, 2015, Singapore

Online Program

Session List

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Monday through Wednesday (20-07-2015 to 22-07-2015)

Poster Session


M108:30–09:45Risk to Resilience: Emerging Trends
M2-A10:15–11:45Risk and Resilience Innovation in the US Army Corps of Engineers
M2-B10:15–11:45Human Health Risk Assessment: International Perspectives
M2-C10:15–11:45The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Impact Assessment
M311:45–12:45Opening Plenary
M4-A14:00–15:30A Systems Approach to Disaster Risk and Resilience Management for Coastal Infrastructure
M4-B14:00–15:30Communicating Risks About Climate Change: Securing Environmental Sustainability
M4-C14:00–15:30National and Global Risk Governance
M4-D14:00–15:30Can risk governance follow the pace of technology innovation? Cognitive Factors and Preceptions of Emerging Risks
M4-E14:00–15:30Pharmaceutical Risk Assessment: Pieces of the "PiE"
M4-F14:00–15:30Towards Regional Standards in Disaster Statistics for Effective Risk Communication
M5-A16:00–17:30Resilience of Infrastructure Systems - A Compound of Engineered, Operational and User Systems
M5-B16:00–17:30An Integrative Approach to the Framing and Design of Sustainability Projects
M5-C16:00–17:30Managing Trans-boundary Risk in the Asia-Pacific Region
M5-D16:00–17:30Risks Emerging from Agriculture, Mining and Trade
M5-E16:00–17:30Environmental Health Risk Assessment (EHRA)
MPP16:00–17:30Monday Poster Platform - Health and Environmental Risks


T109:00–10:30Tuesday Plenary Session
T2-A11:00–12:30Risks in the Cyber Domain
T2-B11:00–12:30Food Safety Assessment
T2-C11:00–12:30Ensuring the long-term sustainability of emerging nanotechnologies
T2-D11:30–12:30Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives of Fine Particulate Matter Air Pollution
T3-A13:30–15:00Modeling Risks to Infrastucture Systems
T3-B13:30–15:00Ecological Risk Assessment in Tropical Asia-Pacific and Other Regions of the Pacific Basin, Part I
T3-C13:30–15:00East Asia Risk Governance
T3-D13:30–15:00Nanotechnology Risk
T3-E13:30–15:00The Ebola Epidemic and Aftermath
T3-F13:30–15:00Global Climate Change: Implications for Policymaking and Insurance in Developed and Developing Countries
T4-A15:30–17:00Risk Analysis in the Petroleum Industry
T4-B15:30–17:00Ecological Risk Assessment in Tropical Asia-Pacific and Other Regions of the Pacific Basin, Part II
T4-C15:30–17:00Seeking Integrated Approach for Risk Governance in Asian Countries
T4-D15:30–17:00Risk governance of nuclear power plant accidents and of natural disasters
T4-E15:30–17:00Information Technology in Occupational Safety
T4-F15:30–17:00Innovations in the development, use, and analysis of scenarios for assessing climate risks
TPP15:30–17:00Tuesday Poster Platform - Risk Perception and Communication


W109:00–10:30Title: Health Risks: Empowering Stakeholders
W2-A11:00–12:30Can Risk Goverance Follow the Pace of Technology Innovation? Cognitive Factors and Perception of Emerging Risk
W2-B11:00–12:30Microbial Risk in a Changing World
W2-C11:00–12:30Synthetic Biology: Assessing Risks, Prioritizing Sustainable Governance, and Engaging Stakeholders
W2-D11:00–12:30Ebola: Risk and Response Challenges for Managing Public Health Disasters
W3-A13:30–15:00Detecting and responding to new and emerging risks
W3-B13:30–15:00Governing Sustainable Energy Demand – An International Perspective
W3-C13:30–15:00Integrated Governance and Management for LPHC events: lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake
W3-D13:30–15:00Business and Financial Risk Analysis
W3-E13:30–15:00Mortality Risk-Models and Methods
W4-A15:30–17:00Transportation Risks
W4-B15:30–17:00Risk Perception Related to Nuclear Radiation
W4-C15:30–17:00Emerging infectious disease: an integrated approach to assessing the risks
W4-D15:30–17:00Issues in Health Risk Assessment and Management
W4-E15:30–17:00Industrial Risk Analysis and Safety
W4-F15:30–17:00Methods for Risk Assessment