Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2017

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Roundtable: Does EPAs Risk Practices Follow its Amended TSCA Pledges?

Room: Salon H   1:30 pm–3:00 pm

Chair(s): Steve Gibb

Sponsored by Applied Risk Management Specialty Group

Under the June 2016 amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act, EPA has pledged to use broadly accepted agency risk assessment guidance and methods when evaluating new and existing chemicals. It has sought public comment on key science terms such as weight of evidence and best available science. However, pledges and the actions that follow are not always consistent. This session will tap the expertise of consultants, academics, editors and others in discussing how EPA’s risk choices seem to be in-, or out-of-line with past agency practices. In particular, the session will address susceptible subpopulations such as children and workers and how they are accounted for.

Steve Gibb, Bloomberg BNA; Tracey Woodruff, UCSF; Jack Fowle, Science to Inform; and Tom Burke, Johns Hopkins (invited).

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