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Roundtable: Synthetic Biology and Gene Drives - Science, Policy, and Risk

Room: Salon K   3:30 pm–5:00 pm

Chair(s): Diane Henshel

Sponsored by Ecological Risk Assessment Specialty Group

Gene drives may have a wide range of substantial benefits to human, ecological, and agricultural populations at local, regional, and even global scales. Potential applications include reducing or stopping the spread of vector-transported diseases and invasive species, conservation of threatened/endangered species, and many more, through modification of the prevalence of a particular genotype to express or suppress genetic traits within a population. Unknown and potentially unintended consequences of gene drive applications, including off-target and non-target effects at the individual, population, and community levels, accompany these potential benefits and require numerous research, policy, and ethical considerations. Risk analysis methods can be used to evaluate potential benefits as well as consequences and inform research and policy decisions. This roundtable session will bring together a panel of leading experts in the developing science and policy of gene drives to facilitate a comprehensive discussion addressing the many facets of this rapidly progressing field.

Wayne Landis
Jennifer Kuzma
Keegan Sawyer
Ben Trump

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