Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2017

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Roundtable: SRA Specialty Groups: The Profession, The Practitioners, The Research

Room: Salon B   3:30 pm–5:00 pm

Chair(s): Patricia Nance, Frederic Bouder

Sponsored by Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group

Over the years SRA members have established a growing number of specialty groups, which cover most aspects of risk analysis from various facets of risk assessment down to management, communication and policy stages. Specific disciplinary approaches (e.g. cost/benefit analysis) have been included as well as different applications of risk analysis (e.g. Nanotechnology, occupational health and safety, defense, security, microbiology etc.). This movement illustrates the breadth of knowledge focus and interests of the Society. A number of questions may be asked: do new issues require new specialty groups to be established? And how effective are existing Specialty groups? Most specialty groups have been particularly active in the management of the annual program, and for awarding distinctions. Joint mixers have also become a valuable feature of the annual meeting, therefore stimulating exchanges among specialty groups. Can we learn from other promising initiatives? Should plans be made to make specialty groups even more attractive and relevant? This panel discussion will focus on substance issues of risk analysis, compare experiences – what we have in common and what are the differences, as well stimulate innovative thinking to explore ways of making this central feature of SRA even more effective.

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