Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2013

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Roundtable: Risk in Changed Circumstances: Views of the News Editors

Room: Johnson A&B   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Chair(s): Steve Gibb

M3-H.  13:30  Roundtable: Risk in Changed Circumstances: Views of the News Editors. Gibb SK*; The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.

Abstract: This session will focus on how risk assessment issues – whether emerging or long-standing concerns – are covered and communicated by key environmental news publications. A panel of science policy journalists will discuss trends in their coverage, whether risk assessment as a focus is being marginalized by other environmental concerns such as sustainability, and their view of the future evolution of risk approaches in light of recent National Academies’ reports on harmonizing cancer and non-cancer approaches, the initiation of new EPA Cumulative Risk Assessment Guidelines, and emerging toxicity testing technologies. The editors will reflect on the challenges of covering contentious issues such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and climate change, how agency press policies may be changing their access to scientists and their ability to gather information, and how recent budget cuts are affecting federal risk assessment efforts. Each editor will present for 10 minutes and a moderated question and answer session will follow. Science -- Erik Stokstad M.S. – Staff writer joined Science magazine in 1997. He covers environmental research and policy with a focus on natural resources and sustainability. Risk Policy Report – Maria Hegstad M.S.J. – Managing Editor joined the publication in 2008 and manages all aspects of coverage including researching, writing and editing stories, covering SRA conferences, and writing for the website. Chemical and Engineering News – Cheryl Hogue M.S. – Senior Correspondent, focuses on articles and social media regarding EPA regulation of chemicals and research, international climate change policy, and federal regulatory policies. Chair/Moderator: Steve Gibb M.S. – Project Manager, The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc. Worked over a decade as an award-winning environmental policy reporter, program officer at the National Academies, and currently supports client missions in the areas of knowledge mobilization, technical writing and communicating cumulative risks.

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