Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2012

Advancing Analysis

Session List

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M2-A10:30 AM - 12 PMRoundtable: Risk & Regulation: Recommendations for the Next Administration
M2-B10:30 AM - NoonSymposium: Ready for Prime Time? The Role of High Through-Put Screening in Risk Assessment for Engineered Nanomaterials
M2-C10:30 AM - 12 PMPoster Platform: Indoor Air & Products: Exposure & Risks
M2-D10:30 AM - 12 PMVisual Communication
M2-E10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: New Developments in Transparency: A Transatlantic Perspective
M2-F10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Challenges Associated with Using Human Surveillance Data for Foodbourne Illness Source Attribution
M2-G10:30 AM - 12 PMEstimating Terrorism Risk & Economic Impacts
M2-H10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: New Concepts in Security Risk: Warnings and Comparative Assessment
M2-I10:30 AM - 12 PMNetwork Representations of Critical Infrastructure Systems for Reliability Assessment
M2-J10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Technocracy and Democracy in Risk Governance
M2-K10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Wildfire Risk Perceptions and Attitudes & Implications for Wildfire Management
M3-A1:30 - 3 PMFood & Environmental Hazards: Trust and the Public
M3-B1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Structuring Risk Decisions: Policy and Personal Perspectives
M3-C1:30 - 3 PMPoster Platform: Topics on Applied Economic Analysis
M3-D1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Using Maps to Communicate Geospatial Risk and Uncertainty: Weather Forecasts and Environmental Hazards
M3-E1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Risk and Uncertainty in Ecosystem Restoration Planning: Methodology and Case Studies
M3-F1:30 - 3:10 PMSymposium: Produce Safety: Data Collection and Risk Assessments to Support the Development of Metrics and Regulations
M3-G1:30 - 3 PMAnalysis of Cyber Security Risk
M3-H1:30 - 3 PMLow-Dose, MOH and Cancer Methods
M3-I1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Governing Sustainability: Different Approaches to Societal Integration in Risk Management Issues
M3-J1:30 - 3 PMRoundtable: The Transatlantic Debate on Risk Regulation
M3-K1:30 - 3 PMCumulative Exposure & Risk Screening
M4-A3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Risk Communication for Pandemic Influenza: Lessons Learned in Canada from the H1N1 Outbreak
M4-B3:30 - 4:50 PMSymposium: Part I: Framework and Methods - Recent Efforts for Advancing the Risk-Informed Decision Making System in the FDA Foods Veterinary Medicine (FVM) Program
M4-C3:30 - 5 PMPoster Platform: Sustainable Cities and Military Installations: Energy, Water, Infrastructure and Climate Change
M4-D3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Emerging Methods for Risk Assessment and Governance of Engineered Nanomaterials
M4-E3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Frontiers in Benefit-Cost Analysis: Valuing Risks and Equity
M4-F3:30 - 5 PMRisk and Development Potpourri
M4-H3:30 - 5:10 PMSymposium: Challenging the Linear-No-Threshold Dose-Reponse Model
M4-I3:30 - 5 PMResilience Evaluation Approaches for the Analysis of Complex Systems
M4-J3:30 - 5 PMRoundtable: Smarter Regulation through Nudges, Information, Incentives
M4-K3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Cumulative Risk Assessment 1: The Leading and Trailing Edge: Multiple Agency Perspectives on Cumulative Risk Assessment
Poster Reception6 - 8 PM


T2-A10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: From GMOs to Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Bio: Integrating Physical and Social Sciences for Risk-based Decision Making
T2-B10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Part II: Applications - Recent Efforts for Advancing the Risk-Informed Decision Making System in the FDA Foods Veterinary Medicine (FVM) Program
T2-D10:30 AM - 12 PMResearch Methods
T2-E10:30 AM - 12 PMSocial Media
T2-F10:30 AM - 12 PMInnovative QRA Models: Food Safety & Disease Transmission
T2-G10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Risk Analysis within the Department of Defense: Methods, Successes and Opportunities for Advancement
T2-H10:30 AM - 12 PMModeling of Biological Agents
T2-I10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Climate Change and Its Risks to Infrastructure
T2-J10:30 AM - 12 PMEstimates of Regulatory Costs and Public Attitudes About Them
T2-K10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Exploring the Limits of Risk Governance: How States Account for Failure in Europe (HowSAFE)
T3-A1:30 - 3 PMEcological Risk Assessment I
T3-B1:30 - 3 PMNew Voices
T3-C1:30 - 3 PMPoster Platform: Topics in Risk, Policy, Law and Governance
T3-D1:30 - 3 PMSecurity Risk, Preparedness and Costs
T3-E1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Preferences for Climate Change Mitigation and Geoengineering
T3-F1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Innovative QRA Models for Food Safety: Complex Models to Answer Complex Questions
T3-G1:30 - 3 PMGame Theory and Randomization
T3-H1:30 - 3 PMShuffling the Deck on Chemical Risk Assessment
T3-I1:30 - 3 PMTopics in Critical Infrastructure Risk Modeling
T3-J1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Unpacking to Advance Governance of Synthetic Biology Applications: Part I
T3-K1:30 - 3 PMTrench Models & Vapor Intrusion
T4-A3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Dietary Exposure Assessments in Regulatory Decision Making
T4-B3:30 - 5 PMDecision Making in Food and Medicine Supply Chains
T4-C3:30 - 5 PMPoster Platform: Supply Chain Risk Management: Challenges and Solutions
T4-D3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Challenges in Developing and Assessing Tobacco Control Regulations
T4-E3:30 - 5 PMPsychological Processes
T4-F3:30 - 5 PMRisk, Development and Health
T4-G3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Applying Quantitative Risk Assessment to Meet Stakeholder Needs
T4-H3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Putting It All Together: Recent Developments in Risk Assessment Approaches
T4-I3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment Issues Related to the Exploration, Development, and Operation of Unconventional Natural Gas Plays via Hydraulic Fracturing
T4-J3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Unpacking to Advance Risk Governance of Synthetic Biology Applications: Part II
T4-K3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Strategic Risk Management of Department of Defense Emerging Contaminants


W1-A8:30 - 10 AMNews Media
W1-B8:30 - 10 AMSymposium: Supporting Policy for Sustainable Everyday Behaviors: The EU Pachelbel Project
W1-C8:30 - 10 AMRisk Analysis & Systems Safety
W1-D8:30 - 10 AMSymposium: The Wisdom of Crowds: A Role in Evaluating and Managing Potential Risks of Emerging Issues?
W1-E8:30 - 10 AMSymposium: What Lawyers and Birds have in Common: Risk and Decisions in Coupled Human-Natural Systems Part I
W1-F8:30 - 10 AMNew Methods for QRA: Sampling, Transfer Rates & Health Risks
W1-H8:30 - 10 AMSymposium: The Road Ahead - Developing a Research Agenda for Nanomaterial Environmental, Health and Safety Risk Assessment
W1-I8:30 - 10 AMFrom GIS to Bayesian Search: Risk Management Grab Bag
W1-J8:30 - 10 AMRoundtable: Improving Risk Regulation through Retrospective Analysis
W1-K8:30 - 10 AMSymposium: Risk Analytics to Strenghten the National Residue Program
W1-L8:30 - 10 AMService, Enterprise and Systems Risk Analysis Grab Bag
W2-A10:30 AM - 12 PMNew Technologies
W2-B10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Decision Analysis Tools in Risk Assessment
W2-C10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Variability and Uncertainty in Air Quality Damage Estimates
W2-D10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Cultural Factors in Risk Perception and Communication of Crisis Situations
W2-E10:30 AM - 12 PMWhat Lawyers and Birds have in Common: Risk and Decisions in Coupled Human-Natural Systems Part II
W2-F10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Use of Risk Assessment to Meet the Requirements of Healthy People 2020
W2-G10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Describing and Influencing Disaster Mitigaion and Recovery Decision Making
W2-H10:30 AM - 12 PMCurrent Issues in Chemical Dose Response
W2-I10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Advances in Risk Models for Infrastructure Systems Management
W2-J10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Retrospective Regulatory Review
W2-K10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Cumulative Risk Assessment 2: International Dimensions in Combining Chemical and Non-Chemical Stressors in Cumulative Risk Assessment
W2-L10:30 AM - 12 PMSymposium: Adaptive Risk Governance for the Rapid Energy Tranisiton in Germany
W3-A1:30 - 3 PMHealth Risk Prevention
W3-C1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Combining Life Cycle Assessment, Valuation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
W3-D1:30 - 3 PMSymposium: Carbon Capture and Storage: Risk Communication and Perceptions of an Emerging Energy Technology
W3-F1:30 - 3 PMRisk and Development: Latin America
W3-G1:30 - 3 PMEvaluating Security Measures
W3-H1:30 - 3 PMQuantitative Models: the Chemical Risk
W3-I1:30 - 3 PMReliability Assessment for Electric Power Systems
W3-J1:30 - 3 PMStudies of Risk Governance Systems
W3-K1:30 - 3 PMAmbient Air: Particulate Matter Exposure
W3-L1:30 - 3 PMEcological Risk Assessment II
W4-B3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: New Directions in Risk Assessment with Roadmap for Success
W4-C3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: India at Risk: Capacity, Institutions and Expertise
W4-D3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Novel Online Tools for Risk Communication Research: Applications in Food Risk Communication
W4-F3:30 - 5 PMOccupational Exposure & Health
W4-G3:30 - 5 PMSymposium: Risks of Transportation Disruptions and Dangerous Goods
W4-I3:30 - 5 PMSimulation Approaches for Assessing Critial Infrastructure Vulnerability to National Hazards
W4-J3:30 - 5 PMEmerging Technologies: Nano to Synthetic Bio