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Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2009

Risk Analysis: The Evolution of a Science

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Plenary8:30-10:00 AM Major General Don Riley, Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
M2-A10:30 AM-NoonSymposium: Effective Use of Microbial Risk Assessment Food Safety Risk Management Decisions
M2-B10:30 AM-NoonChallenges and Approaches to Homeland Security Integrated Risk Management Sponsored by DARSG
M2-C10:30 AM-NoonSymposium: The Emerging Role of Risk Analysis in US Army Corps of Engineers Decisionmaking Sponsored by EISG
M2-D10:30 AM-NoonPoster Platform: Risk Communication and Health Sponsored by RCSG
M2-E10:30 AM-NoonResearch Funding and Scientific Integrity: Conflicts and Criteria
M2-F10:30 AM-NoonSymposium: PBPK Modeling for Mn
M2-G10:30 AM-NoonIdentifying, Assessing, Managing, and Minimizing Risks from Emerging Contaminants Sponsored by DARSG
M2-H10:30 AM-NoonSymposium: Formaldehyde Exposure and Human Leukomogenesis
M2-I10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Nanotoxicologists and Risk Assessors: A Conversation about Fullerenes
M3-A1:30-3:00 PMRisk Communication and Climate Change
M3-B1:30-3:00 PMRisk-Informed Decision Framework for Integrated CBRN Terrorism Risk Assessment and Risk Management Sponsored by DARSG
M3-C1:30-3:00 PMEvolution of Health Risk Assessment, Part 1
M3-D1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Biofuels Research Needs: A Call for Risk and Decision Analysis
M3-E1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Uncertainty and Variability Analysis for Costs as Well as Risks Sponsored by RPLSG
M3-F1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Healthcare and Safety of Medical Products
M3-G1:30-3:00 PMRisk Analysis for Strategic Perparedness and Emergency Response Sponsored by EISG
M3-H1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Risk in Susceptible Subpopulations Sponsored by EDRG
M3-I1:30-3:00 PMTopics in Benefits Assessment and Valuation Sponsored by EBASG
M4-A3:30-5:10 PMSymposium: Risk Management Application in the Cement Manufacturing Industry
M4-B3:30-5:10 PMSymposium: Risk Assessment for the 21st Century. Role of the regulator, the regulated, the risk assessor and the citizen Sponsored by RCSG
M4-C3:30-5:10 PMEvolution of Health Risk Assessment, Part 2
M4-D3:30-5:00 PMPoster Platform: Risk Communication and Natural Hazards
M4-E3:30-5:10 PMRisk, Precaution and Policy in Europe and China Sponsored by RPLSG
M4-F3:30-5:10 PMApplication of GIS and Spatial Statistics as a Utility for Ecological Problem Solving Sponsored by BSSG
M4-G3:30-5:10 PMRisk-Based Engineering of Socio-Technical-Organizational Systems Sponsored by EISG
M4-H3:30-5:10 PMApplying Ecological Risk Assessment to Design and Stewardship of Containment Systems Sponsored by ERASG
M4-I3:30-5:00 PMFrom Creation to Destruction: Life Cycle Analysis of Nanotechnology
Poster Session6:00-8:00 pmPoster Session


Plenary8:30-10:00 AM Philip Howard, Partner, Covington & Burling; Chairman, Common Good
T2-A10:30 AM-NOONEnvironmental Risk and Climate Change Sponsored by DARSG
T2-B10:30 AM-NOONGame Theory vs. Probabilistic Risk Analysis for Terrorism Risks Sponsored by DARSG
T2-C10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Wildfire, Risk and Decision Making Sponsored by RCSG
T2-D10:30 AM-NOONPoster Platform: Childhood Risk Sponsored by DRSG
T2-E10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Regulatory Review, Regulatory Design, and the New Obama Executive Order Sponsored by RPLSG
T2-F10:30 AM-NOONInteragency Retail L. Monocytogenes Risk Assessment Sponsored by BSSG
T2-G10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Overcoming Risks Inherent to Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems Sponsored by EISG
T2-H10:30 AM-NOONApplication of Spatial Decision Support Tools, and Systems for Multi-Criteria Environmental Problems Sponsored by DARSG
T2-I10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Advances in Environmental Risk Assessment for Nanomaterials under Uncertainty
Roundtable 110:30 AM-NOONEPA's Endangerment Finding on Climate Change
T3-A1:30-3:00 PMWeight-of-Evidence Frameworks: Design and Care Study Applications Sponsored by DARSG Sponsored by DARSG
T3-B1:30-3:00 PMProbabilistic and Agent-Based Risk Analysis in DHS Sponsored by DARSG
T3-C1:30-3:00 PMPoster Platform: Toxicity in an Evolving World Sponsored by DRSG
T3-D1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: State of Science for Quantifying Human Exposure to Fire Particulate Matter
T3-E1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Import Safety: Risk Assessment and Policy Sponsored by RPL
T3-F1:30-3:00 PMWhat's New in Risk Assessment for Listeria Monocytogenes?
T3-G1:30-3:00 PMModeling Risk of Interdependent Environments Sponsored by EISG
T3-H1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Geospatial Risk Analysis Sponsored by RCSG
T3-I1:30-3:00 PMApplications of Risk- and Benefit-Cost Analysis Sponsored by EBASG
Roundtable 21:30 - 3:00 PMNew Ideas for Risk Regulation
T4-A3:30-5:10 PMSymposium: Risk Communication and Indigenous Communities
T4-B3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: Advancing Dose Response Assessment Sponsored by DRSG
T4-C3:30-5:00 PMPoster Platform: Applications of Risk Analysis to Terrorism Security Sponsored by DARSG
T4-D3:30-5:00 PMPoster Platform: Evolution of Inhalation Exposure Methods
T4-E3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: The WTO as a Global Risk Regulator? Sponsored by RPLSG
T4-F3:30-5:10 PMSoup, Salad and Beyond: Methods to Management of Food Safety Sponsored by BSSG
T4-G3:30-5:10 PMI'll Take Potpourri for $200, Alex
T4-H3:30-5:00 PMEcological Risk and Stressors
T4-I3:30-5:10 PMManaging Nanotechnology
Roundtable 33:30 - 5:00 PMAn Integrated Risk Framework for Gigawatt-Scale Deployments of Renewable Energy: The Wind Energy Case Study


W1-A8:30-10:00 AMRisk-Informed Organizational and Management Decision-Making Sponsored by DARSG
W1-B8:30-10:00 AMRisk Management Tools for Imported Food Sponsored by EBASG
W1-C8:30-10:00 AMWeights of Evidence Framework for Human Relevance Sponsored by DRSG
W1-D8:30-10:00 AMPoster Platform: Air and Food Pathway Exposures
W1-E8:30-10:00 AMSymposium: Occupational Dose-Response for non-Cancer Sponsored by DRSG
W1-F8:30-10:00 AMInformation Behaviors Sponsored by RCSG
W1-G8:30-10:00 AMSymposium: Portfolio Approaches and Diversification in Risk Assessment and Management Sponsored by EISG
W1-H8:30-10:00 AMSymposium: Applying Tools of Risk Analysis to National Environmental Health Strategy for U.A.E.
W1-I8:30-10:00 AMNanonews 1: Risk Perception and Nanotechnology
W2-A10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Perceived Risk: Causes, Consequences and Communication Sponsored by RCSG
W2-B10:30 AM-NOONEvolving Tools for Uncertainty and Risk Sponsored by DARSG
W2-C10:30 AM-NOONPoster Platform/Discussion: Hormesis: Advancements and Opportunities Sponsored by DRSG
W2-D10:30 AM-NOONPoster Platform: Risk-Informed Decision Making in Defense and Homeland Security Sponsored by EISG
W2-E10:30 AM-NOONAssessing Maritime and Transportation Safety and Security Risk Sponsored by DARSG
W2-F10:30 - 11:30 AMEvolution of Risk Communication Sponsored by RCSG
W2-G10:30 AM-NOONAnalysis of Management of Risk in Transportation Systems Sponsored by EISG
W2-H10:30 AM-NOONSymposium: Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainties Part 1: Principles and Experiences
W2-I10:30 AM-NOONNanonews 2: Risk Perception and Nanotechnology
W2-J10:30 AM-NOONDecision Analysis Grab Bag
Plenary LuncheonNoon-1:30 PM Kenneth Arrow, Stanford University
W3-A1:30-3:00 PMSymposium: Advancing Mechanistic Knowledge for Microbial Risks
W3-B1:30-3:00 PMRisk Perception Sponsored by RCSG
W3-C1:30-3:00 PMPoster Platform: Recalls and Food Safety Sponsored by RCSG
W3-D1:30-3:00 PMRisk Analysis of Infrastructure Systems Sponsored by EISG
W3-E1:30-3:10 PMSystems Dynamics Meets Risk Analysis - Integrating Approaches to Improve Health and Environmental Decisions
W3-F1:30-3:00 PMUse of Expert Elicitation and Subjective Information in Risk Analysis Sponsored by DARSG
W3-G1:30-3:00 PMApplication of Risk Analysis Tools for Evaluating Transportation-Related Decisions Sponsored by EISG
W3-H1:30-3:00 PMH1N1 Roundtable
W3-I1:30-3:00 PMVulnerability, Volability, and Uncertainty in Benefits Assessment Sponsored by EBASG
W3-J1:30-3:10 PMDealing with Natural Disasters in Latin America
W4-A3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: Advancing Mechanistic Knowledge for Microbial Risks
W4-B3:30-5:10 PMTrust and Communication
W4-C3:30-5:00 PMPoster Platform: Evo of RA Education: From ad hoc...
W4-D3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: National Children's Health Study
W4-E3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: Evolution Response to NRC
W4-F3:30-5:10 PMRisk Analysis for Microbial Exposures in Agricultural Workers Sponsored by BSSG
W4-G3:30-5:00 PMSymposium: Modeling Infrastructure Failure Risk Sponsored by EISG
W4-H3:30-5:10 PMEcological Risk Assessment Issues in Chesapeake Bay Sponsored by ERASG
W4-I3:30-5:00 PMApplying Epidemiologic Principles in Developing Risk Assessments: Methodologies in Human Health, Plant and Animal Trade Sponsored by BSSG
W4-J3:30-5:00 PMGlobal and Transportation Risk