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Society For Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2008

Risk Analysis: the Science and the Art

Session List

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Plenary8:30-10:00 AMThree Models of Games and Risks: Some Challenges in Formulation Elisabeth Pate-Cornell
Managing High Impact Low Probability Disruptions Yossi Sheffi
M2-A10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumResponding to Terrorism
M2-B10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumImproving Decision Making for Environmental Risk Management in Developing Countries
M2-C10:30 AM-NoonModeling, Statistics, and Uncertainty
M2-D10:30 AM-NoonInformation and Regulation
M2-E10:30 AM-NoonCorporate and Financial Management
M2-F10:30 AM-NoonAir Quality Exposure Assessment
M2-G10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumEmerging Methods and Tools for Environmental Risk Assessment, Decision-Making, and Policy for Nanomaterials: Summary of NATO Advanced Research Workshop
M2-H10:30 AM-NoonIssues in Ecological Risk
M2-I10:30 AM-NoonInnovative Risk-Based Approaches in Federal Regulatory Agencies
M2-J10:30 AM-NoonEngineering Risk Analysis Methods
12:00 - 2:00 PMSpecialty Group Business Lunches
M3-A2:00-3:30 PMPoster PlatformManaging Multi-Criteria Environmental Contamination
M3-B2:00-3:30 PMPoster PlatformTechnical Hazards
M3-C2:00-3:30 PMPoster PlatformAnalysis of Genomic Dose-Response Data for Risk Assessment
M3-D2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumLegal & Scientific Treatment of Evidence & Inference
M3-E2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumProduce Food Safety: Challenges & Achievements
M3-F2:00-3:30 PMExposure Assessment Methods
M3-G2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumNano Risk Analysis: Advancing the Science of Nanomaterial Risk Management Workshop Report
M3-H2:00-3:30 PMInhalation Risk Assessment
M3-I2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumGame Theoretic Risk Analysis of Security Threats
M3-J2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumProgress in Thinking About Security Risk Analysis Issues
M4-A4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumSolution-Focused Risk Assessment: Is Now the Time for a New Paradigm?
M4-B4:00-5:30 PMNatural Hazards
M4-C4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumToxCast: Steps Towards the 'New Technology'
M4-D4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumReform of the Risk Regulation in the European Union
M4-E4:00-5:30 PMFood Safety Risks
M4-F4:00-5:30 PMDrinking Water & Fish Consumption
M4-G4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumEmerging Contaminants: Challenges in Federal Detection, Analysis and Response
M4-H4:00-5:30 PMChemical Care and Prevention
M4-I4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumMental Modeling: Needs and Implementation Challenges
M4-J4:00-5:30 PMDecision & Risks for Aerospace Systems
Poster Session6:00-8:00 PM


Plenary8:30-10:00 AMAssessing Hurricane Wind Risk in a Changing Climate Kerry Emanuel
The Three Things You Need to Know About TSUNAMIS Eddie Bernard
T2-A10:30 AM-NoonBSE: Health Risks
T2-B10:30 AM-NoonVisual Tools
T2-C10:30 AM-NoonKinetics & Mixtures in Risk Assessment
T2-D10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumEmotion, Values & Cognition of Risk
T2-E10:30 AM-NoonAir Pollution
T2-F10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumModel Evaluation: Getting the Predictions Right, Part I
T2-G10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumLife Cycle Impacts Assessment in Application of High Uncertainty: Decision-Making for Nanomaterials
T2-H10:30 AM-NoonEpidemiology & Environmental Risk Assessment
T2-I10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumHomeland Security Risk Management: A Look Under the Hood
T2-J10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumBuilding Resilence to Extreme Events Within Regional Infrastructure Systems
12:00 - 2:00 PMSociety Awards Luncheon and Business Meeting
T3-A2:00-3:30 PMPoster PlatformPracticing the Science and the Art: Real World Case Studies in Sample Collection for Chemical and Microbial Assessment
T3-B2:00-3:30 PMPoster PlatformCulture and Risk Perceptions
T3-C2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumCumulative Risk Assessment Methods, Resources and Applications, Part I: Concepts, Incorporation of Human Data, and Exposure - Toxicity Groupings
T3-D2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumThe Accepability and the Tolerability of Life-Safety Risks
T3-E2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumValuing Health Risks I: Types of Death
T3-F2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumModel Evaluation: Getting the Predictions Right, Part II
T3-G2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumNanotechnology Risk and Regulation: From Public Perception to Oversight Policy
T3-H2:00-3:30 PMSymposium Comprehensive Environmental Assessment of Ethanol: Applying Lessons Learned from the MTBE Experience to Biofuels
T3-I2:00-3:30 PMClimate Change: Multidisciplinary Approaches
T3-J2:00-3:30 PMInfrastructure Interdependence and Modeling
T4-A4:00-5:30 PMPoster PlatformNanotechnology - International Perspectives
T4-B4:00-5:30 PMMechanisms of Communication
T4-C4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumCumulative Risk Assessment Methods, Resources and Applications, Part 2: Concepts, Incorporation of Human Data, and Exposure - Toxicity Groupings
T4-D4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumChemicals Policy: REACH and CHAMP
T4-E4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumValuing Health Risks II: Children
T4-F4:00-5:30 PMVariability and Uncertainty in Exposure Assessment
T4-G4:00-5:30 PMFood
T4-H4:00-5:30 PMModels, Myths, and Risk-Based Decision Making
T4-I4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumRisk Analysis to Support Counter-Terrorism, Security, and Disaster Response
T4-J4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumCRS Perspectives on Broadening Risk considerations for Infrastructure Design


Plenary8:30-10:00 AMRisk Regulation: Ideas for the Obama Administration
Eliminating Anti-Regulatory Biases Richard Revesz
Regulation and the new Administration Sally Katzen
Enhancing Regulatory Oversight John Graham
W2-A10:30 AM-NoonPoster PlatformBiomonitoring & Risk Assessment
W2-B10:30 AM-NoonPublic Participation
W2-C10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumLow Dose Dose-Response and Thresholds in Health Risk Assessment: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Key Events from Exposure to Adverse Effect
W2-D10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumIntegrating Criminology, Perception, and Communication to Better Understand Environmental Risks
W2-E10:30 AM-NoonAnthrax Attacks
W2-F10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumRisk Regulation: Ideas for the Obama Administration
W2-G10:30 AM-NoonNano: Uncertainty, Disclosure & Business Needs
W2-H10:30 AM-NoonEcosystem Risk Management
W2-I10:30 AM-NoonRisk Analysis Theory and Decision Analysis Applications
W2-J10:30 AM-NoonSymposiumRisk Modeling, Assessment and Management of Interdependent Systems
RT112:00 PMRoundtableRoundtable: Risk education symposium of the SRA Education Committee. Part I. Contents, experiences and insights.
RT212:00 PMRoundtableHigh uncertainty is a challenge to risk management not just an unfortunate aspect of risk assessment: A roundtable discussion of research and policy implications
RT312:00 PMRoundtableReport from the NRC Committee on Improving Risk Analysis Approaches Used by the US EPA
RT412:00 PMRoundtableSRA and the Future of Risk Analysis
W3-A2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumMaking Sense of Sustainable Energy Sources, Part I
W3-B2:00-3:30 PMTrust
W3-C2:00-3:30 PMAssessing Dose-Response and Risk for Controversial Chemicals
W3-D2:00 - 3:30 PMUse of risk assessment in risk management
W3-E2:00-3:30 PMPublic Health Risk Assessment
W3-F2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumNew Perspectives on Cost-Benefit Analysis: Meet the Authors
W3-G2:00-3:30 PMNano Risk Assessment & Risk Communication
W3-H2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumDecision Tools for Contaminated Sediment Management
W3-I2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumGlobal Catastrophic Risks
W3-J2:00-3:30 PMSymposiumRisk Assessment in Energy
W4-A4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumMaking Sense of Sustainable Energy Sources, Part II
W4-B4:00-5:30 PMRisk Amplification
W4-C4:00-5:30 PMPoster PlatformA Palette of Scientific Data: Online Risk Assessment Tools
W4-D4:00-5:30 PMAssessing Tools for Informing Decisions
W4-E4:00-5:30 PMTerrorist Attack on the Food Supply
W4-F4:00-5:30 PMInternational study of the effects of information about precautionary measures on risk perceptions of mobile telephony
W4-G4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumAcceptable Risk for Biothreat Agents
W4-H4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumVapor Intrusion: Challenges, Risks, and Uncertainities
W4-I4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumIntegrated CBRN Risk Assessment at DHS: Consequence and Medical Countermeasure Analysis for Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism
W4-J4:00-5:30 PMSymposiumRisk Education