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Science to Action: How to Make it Happen /Communicating marine conservation (marine conservation awareness and outreach, social media)

Room: Alsh     2014-08-17; 13:00 - 15:00

NB: Unless specified otherwise, presentations are 15 minutes in length, and speed presentations are 5 mins in length.

The workshop will provide practical insight regarding how to make the link from science to conservation action. It will open with a presentation on the challenges of linking the two disparate worlds of scientists and decision-makers, then a panel of site-based S2A experts will present and discuss their lessons in using science to influence policy. Finally through hands-on sharing of experiences, three global initiative highlighting synthesis products, webinars, e-newsletters and twinning among projects will be shared through stations around the room.

Part 1: S2A Concept & Site-Based S2A Experiences - Presentations & Panel Discussion
13:10-13:20 - Welcome and S2A Concept - The how to's of connecting scientists and decision-makers
- Leah Karrer, The Global Environment Facility
13:20 - 13:30 - MesoAmerica - Scientific wake-up calls to policy-makers: Report Cards & EcoAudits
- Melanie McField, Healthy Reef Initiative
13:30 - 13:40 - Western Indian Ocean - From understanding to action - Effecting knowledge-based governance
- David Vousden, UNDP Agulhas and Somali Current LME Project
13:40 - 13:50 - Coral Triangle - Using Science to inform marine resource management in Timor Leste
- Niquole Esters, Conservation International 13:50 - 14:05 - Audience & panel discussion

Part 2: Global S2A Initiatives
14:05 - 15:00 -Participants engage directly with global S2A initiatives at stations throughout room:

- Integrated Application Network - program that synthesizes science/information and produces user friendly materials tailored for decision-makers, such as report cards, policy briefs & guidebooks - Caroline Wick
- MPA News & Open Channels - global e-newseltter that highlights MPA news, global website for sharing coastal and ocean governance experience - John Davis
- IWLearn - global project that shares experiences across projects, including twinning, website, regional meetings - Mish Hamid

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