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COMPASS Message Box Workshop: Learning to Communicate the "So What" of your Science

Room: Carron A     2014-08-17; 13:00 - 15:00

NB: Unless specified otherwise, presentations are 15 minutes in length, and speed presentations are 5 mins in length.

Chair(s)/Moderator(s): Heather Mannix

To communicate effectively with both peer and non-peer audiences requires that you as scientists master two essential and interrelated skills: 1) knowing your audience, and 2) clearly conveying the "so what" of your science. In this 2-hour workshop led by COMPASS, you will learn how to think about your audience's needs, and practice pulling relevant messages from your own research. You will learn to use a tool called the Message Box to sharpen your ability to distill your complex knowledge into the key messages that can engage audiences such as journalists, policymakers, or others who are not subject matter experts. Peer-to-peer exercises offer opportunity to practice delivering your message, as well as to give and receive feedback.

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