AAPA2019 Election

2019 AAPA Election
Electronic Ballot

Ballot closes on February 28

You are voting to fill one officer position, Executive Board Member: Chair of the Membership Committee.

To vote, fill in your user name and password and select one candidate each from the categories below. Click on "Proceed" to start the voting process. You will see a confirmation page; please check your votes and confirm by clicking on "Confirm Vote" at the bottom of the page. This will count your vote and complete the voting process. If your vote is incorrect, use the back arrow to return to the voting page, make your selection(s) and follow the above process.

Each regular member is allowed to vote only once during this election. The electronic voting system records when a member has voted. It does not, however, record the vote together with the member's name. Thus the vote is completely anonymous.

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  • Candidate(s) for Executive Board Member: Chair of the Membership Committee
    Kristi L. Lewton
    Ripan Singh Malhi

    Candidate Statements below this ballot

  • Candidates for Executive Board Member: Chair of the Membership Committee.

    The position of Executive Board Member: Chair of the Membership Committee is a 3-year position.

    Kristi L. Lewton

    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences, University of Southern California

    Education: B.A. (With Distinction) (2002) Anthropology, University of Washington; M.A. (2004) Anthropology, Arizona State University; Ph.D. (2010) Anthropology, Arizona State University

    Research Areas:  Functional morphology, locomotion, postcranial skeletal adaptation and evolution

    Professional Service: AAPA: Scientific Program Committee (2013-2017, 2018-present), Steering Committee Member Committee on Diversity Women’s Initiative (2018-present), Steering Committee Member Committee on Diversity LGBTQQIAA (2018-present), Student Awards Committee (2011-2016), American Association of Anatomists: Grant Awards Task Force (2018-present), NSF: Senior Research Grant reviewer (2013), Editorial board service: Associate Editor, Journal of Human Evolution (2017-present)

    Statement:  The AAPA has been my professional home for the past 16 years. The Association was particularly impactful during my time in graduate school by facilitating learning and networking with a diverse hub of scholars, and by offering numerous professional development opportunities through workshops, grant programs, and the scientific program. Since 2011, I have given back to the Association by participating in AAPA committees that focus on equity, inclusion, and mentorship. In particular, I have worked to support and promote early career members by evaluating student awards and by creating spaces for mentorship and networking for women and LGBTQI members. As the AAPA continues to expand its membership and reach across disciplinary boundaries, its strength as an organization derives from its support of early career scholars. I am committed to promoting equity, representation, and professional development of biological anthropologists, and I would be honored to continue to serve the Association as a member of the Executive Committee.

    Ripan Singh Malhi

    Current Position: Professor, Department of Anthropology, School of Integrative Biology, Carl R Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2006-present)

    Education: B.S. (1994) Anthropology, minor in Biological Sciences, UC Davis; M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2001) Anthropology, UC Davis

    Research Areas: Genomic and paleogenomic variation of humans and associated species, community-based methods of research, impacts of European colonization on Indigenous peoples and lands.

    Professional Service: AAPA: Co-Director IDEAS program (2015-present), Program Committee (2015); NSF: Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Program (2009-2011); NIH: SEP Big Data to Knowledge (2014), SEP Interventions for Health Promotion and Disease prevention in Native American Populations (2016), NARCH Panel (2017); Summer Internship for INdigenous peoples in Genomics (SING): Director of U.S.A. workshop (2011-present); Editorial Boards: AJPA Associate Editor (2015-present), Human Biology Editor (2013-present).

    Statement: I attended my first AAPA conference as a graduate student in 1998 and have continued to present research and exchange ideas at the annual conference since then. In the last five years I’ve become more involved with the Committee on Diversity to help make the AAPA a more welcoming environment for scholars from underrepresented groups. For example, in 2015 we launched the NSF-funded Increasing Diversity in Evolutionary Anthropological Sciences (IDEAS) Program to recruit and retain students from underrepresented communities in biological anthropology and related disciplines. I am committed to mentorship, innovations in research and diversifying the ways of science. I would be honored to be asked to serve on the AAPA Executive Board Member: Membership Committee Chair.


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